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Complete Supplier Pvt. Ltd. is one of the rising business organizations in Nepal established in 2018 The company has well diversified business interests like Import of Elide Fire Ball,manufacturing and sales of Himalayan DAVA hemp Oil. The company has got the exclusive distributers of the Elide fire Ball for Nepal. Similarly, the company has promoted its own brand of hemp oil as “DAVA Himalayan Pure Hemp Seed Oil”. The company has got license formanufacturing and export of various products like oil, fabric, powder, cosmetic etc. of hemp. The company is planning to involve in the organized and licensed farming of hemp in Nepal. The company’s main promoter Captain Pawan Raj Joshy has recently published a book named “ufFhfsf] v]tL wgsf] jiff{ “ a compilation of various facts and figures established with different researches about the marijuana in the world. The main aim of the publication is to aware all stakeholders about the matters and to develop the comfortable situation for legalization of hemp and ganja in Nepal, The company’s main promoter is the leading partner of M/s Hydroneeds Pvt. Ltd which is the authorized agents of Germany based Hydro Turbine Industry.

Mission, Vision & Goal

The Company’s vision is to Contribute to the development of the National Economy by maximizing the foreign currency trade with export of various hemp base product like hemp seed oil, CBD oil, hemp fiber, and miscellaneous hemp based cosmetic items. Similarly, company is to focus the trading of various import items based on the market needs. Its mission is to Provide the best service to the customers in all ways possible and making them feel special through individualistic approach, believing in passion, innovations, integrity, flexibility and positive approach.

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Chairman/Managing Director

Capt. Pawan Raj Joshy

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